Season 2

Welcome to the Create Sacred Places podcast! This season I’m shifting focus from the journey of planting Sacred Place to what it looks like to create sacred places wherever we are. This pandemic has changed pretty much everything, so, for my second season as a podcaster, I’m inviting friends to share their stories while adding my own stories from leading a young church in this new reality. A new season, a new name; this is going to be fun!

Episode 1

A Conversation w/ Matt Nightingale

I have a conversation with my friend, the Rev. Matt Nightingale. His story of accepting himself is moving and echos so many of the stories of those of us in the LGBT+ community. As Pride Month comes to an end, let us lift up those who work for justice, inclusion, and family in our world.

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Matthew is the Pastor + Church Planter of Sacred Place United Church—a young church based in Rancho Cucamonga. I am honored to lead Sacred Place in living out its mission to create a just world where ALL are included in the family of God, one Sacred Place at a time. Learn more about Sacred Place.

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